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These wearable objects are rooted in the narrative and illustrative associations made with the sperm whale. At first inspired by Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”, the objects are curious and playful representations of the whale. Pieces like “winged whale” embody a new adaptation for the themes of adventure and capturing a rare prize.

Though the subject matter of the harpooned whale is inherently dark, the expressions that the whales wear and the addition of silver and faceted semi-precious gems allow these pieces to become approachable treasures. By manipulating the scale of the whale to function as adornment on the body, the wonder associated with this creature is recontextualized, from something so immense compared to the human body, now dwarfed by it. The whales leave behind their dark undertones and become playful wearable objects.

Made in collaboration with Chadd Lacy
Wasp and his Steed
Borosilicate Glass, Argentium Silver, Copper, Bronze.